Yes ! .... We keep Fresh Ocean Saltwater


Yes  !......We keep R.O Water (Reverse Osmosis) on tap.


We now keep a massive 8000 Litres of Saltwater in storage. It's constantly agitated in the storage tanks and ultimately filtered through giant 80 micron carbon filters so you receive pure ocean water, perfectly clean and odour free.


R.O. Water

We run a true 5 stage reverse osmosis filter and storage tank so you receive the cleanest H2O for your tank and investment, and yes, we sell this by the 10, 20 or 220 Litre drum. 


We can fast fill your own drums or supply brand new 20 Litre blue plastic drums, (Cubes), with two large green screw-caps for fast pouring and clean storage. Strong handles fold down into the moulding of the drum which allow for easy stacking and easy ergonomic pouring.


So..Come in, bring your drum or pick one up in store.  


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