Jellyfish Tanks

Marine Boutique

is the Sole Australian Importer and Distributor of

the Jellyfish Art range of tanks.

Please Note: 

A) All imported Tanks have been converted from the US power system, to the Australian 240V 50Hz power supply, and as such Marine Boutique carries the Australian warranty for these tanks.

 B) As we are purely a Saltwater Marine Aquarium, nearly all our customers already posses the related Saltwater test equipment and accessories needed for this hobby. Therefore these kits below are targeted at our existing customers Saltwater skills and setups. If you have come from a Freshwater hobby or this is your first time as a Saltwater Hobbyist and have no previous experience, equipment,or understanding of this hobby, then you will need some additional saltwater test equipment and accessories, on top of the tank kits listed below.  Therefore, for your best chance of success at this new hobby, we also supply free with every tank purchase, a pre-configured Excel Spreadsheet Logbook, that you should use religiously, to record your daily tank readings.  This is your best friend in this hobby, as it shows you visually whats going on in the tanks and allows us to hold your hand through the cycling process as you exchange you test data with us. We also include an extremely detailed document, that not only guides a novice through the setup of the tank, but also educates you with scientific detail on water chemistry for your ongoing success of the hobby.  


 34 Litres

Cylindrical Desktop


 22 Litres

Kickstarter Desktop

JellyfishArt Tank


20 Litre

Bubblefin Jellyfish


 Other Jellyfish Tanks




10 Litre

Cylindrical Tank


60 or 45 or 30 Litres

Curved CornersTanks


8.5/15/30 Litre

Cube Tank


Withdrawn from Sale

 20 Litre

Cubic Orbit 20 Jellyfish




80, 220 and 650 Litre


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 Its Here !

The Mega Jelly Tank

Massive Price Breakthrough

Previously a tank this size was over $10,000 but we have developed a way to get a huge tank with huge results for less than half the price. This tank come in two sizes 600mm and 800mm Diameter and stands about 185cm high. Some parts are custom made and may be several weeks before delivery, but it is well worth the wait. Our initial shipments to Perth have seen very happy customers.


We have also rewritten the handbook for our Australian customers, which now contains extra and important information for your benefit in setting up the tank from scratch and the keeping of Moon Jellyfish species in Australia.


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