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  The new model March 2011 now has a black probe with better corrosion protection and new improved switchmode powersupply.


This product is the Ideal Cooling Solution For Small Aquariums




Nova Tec’s IceProbe Small Aquarium Chiller (IPAC-50W) is the perfect cooling solution for small aquariums and insulated fish egg hatching, bait, and specimen tanks.

The Aquarium Chiller is a complete water cooling system. It includes the IceProbe, the nut and silicone washer for bulkhead installation, and a power converter with six foot cords on each side. The Aquarium Chiller can be easily installed in any orientation through a 1.25 inch hole into siphon overflows, pre-filters, sumps, or aquarium walls, or suspended with a bracket or lid over the top of the aquarium.


The chiller cools continuously when powered. In most aquarium implementations, the Nova Tec Proportional Temperature Controller is added to regulate the IceProbe’s cooling power. Nova Tec offers two Proportional Temperature Controllers for aquarium applications. Our TEC-65 controller is designed for tropical water aquarium environments, with an adjustable temperature range of 65ºF to 85ºF. Our TEC-45 is designed for cold water aquarium environments, with an adjustable temperature range of 45ºF to 65ºF.


  • 50 Watts of cooling power
  • Compact size
  • Easy bulkhead installation
  • Quiet, efficient & reliable
  • Optional temperature controller
  • 120V or 240v power options

In a standard aquarium, a single chiller can cool 10 gallons of water 6ºF to 8ºF below ambient air temperature . Multiple
Aquarium Chillers can be used to achieve higher temperature differentials.

The table below shows the min expected drop in temp in Farenheight for 1 or 2 probes

  10 US Gals
 20 US Gals
 40 US Gals
 1 6-8 Deg Far
 3-4 Deg Far
 1-2 Deg Far
 2 10-12 Deg Far
 6-8 Deg Far
3-1 Deg Far

Greater temperature differentials can be achieved by insulating the exterior surfaces of the aquarium. For example, a single
Aquarium Chiller can maintain a temperature differential of over 20ºF in a fully insulated 10 gallon aquarium.


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