Billabong Bugs
Billabong Bugs™ are actually crustaceans (a relative of crabs, hermit crabs and yabbies) known to scientists as Triops australiensis. Billabong Bugs™ are PREHISTORIC creatures and are sometimes referred to as living Dinosaurs or Dinosaur shrimp. They are closely related to the now extinct Trilobite, an ancient ocean dweller that is often found fossilized. This is another reason that Billabong Bugs™ are sometimes called living fossils or mini dinosaurs.

They first appeared on the Earth when all the continents that we know today were joined together in one giant land mass known as Pangaea. As large pieces of Pangaea floated away they formed new continents. One of them was called Gondwanaland, which included Australia, Antarctic, Africa and South America.

Why did Billabong Bugs™ outlive the Dinosaurs? Billabong Bugs™ produce a very special egg that can actually journey through time! It’s called “suspended animation”. The official name Scientists have given this process is “Cryptobiosis” which is Latin for the words “hidden life”.

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