New Australian made Jellyfish Tank

Some exciting new news... !

We are getting close to the release of our new Australian made Jellyfish and Seahorse tank, 

As you may or may not be aware you simply can not use a regular fish tank to house and display Jellyfish for a variety of reasons but mainly because pumps tend to suck jellies in to make jelly soup, so we need a better way to move the water throughout the tank plus the shape of the tank itself needs to lend itself for an optimal water flow that prevents the jellies from becoming stuck in dead spots of flow, namely the corners.




This is not so much detrimental to the jellies because they cant move around, but more from a display and feeding perspective, so many years ago a guy names Kriesel invented a tank with a circular flow that allowed the Jellies to circulate in a fashion that not only gave us a great look for display but the water inlet and outlets were designed in such a way that it doesn't hurt the delicate membrane of the jellies themselves.



 There are very few manufacturers in the world that have gone down the path of designing and manufacturing a tank specifically for Jellies because of the cost due and the lack of demand. 


About 45 years ago,when I was a young boy holidaying with my family regularly at Culburra, about 100 miles south of Sydney, I would catch Moon Jellies around the rocks and lakes and bring them home to keep in a tank at home but was usually destined to fail to keep these wonderful creatures alive for more that about a week and I quickly learnt that any tank that employed a pump made short work of a jellyfish so I dreamed of making a tank that could do this but never found myself in a position to follow this path due to many other distractions in life.


In 2005 I had the opportunity to start a business in the Aquarium industry, Marine Boutique, and one of my first things I bought up with my manager at the time was the want to build jelly tanks to keep Jellies in stock and bring them to the public arena as a new dimension of the Aquarium Industry.

Needless to say no one was selling or keeping jellies and so I was met with comments of failure and impossibilities including a lack of interest which just made me want to do it more.

Within the first year of business i started modifying a certain off the shelf variety fish tank that lent itself very nicely to accepting my modifications for jellies and quickly started selling one tank or so a month to selling many tanks a week today. 

Before long others around the world started doing similar things and in some cases were making a slightly better quality factory manufactured tank than I could make by hand for the same price without the labor involved for me, leading me in time to importing other tanks made by overseas manufacturers, so it seamed more sensible to just import those tanks in, and have far less worries, with more time available to me for other things like designing a totally new tank, to be made right here in Australia to my specification. 

My vision was to design and build a tank that was scaleable in size and features that could be sold to house and display a variety of marine animals (predominantly jellyfish), but others such as seahorses and tiny fry, that could be raised without the fear of being annihilated by the impeller of a pump and strong water currents.

Now with slightly more time on my hands, I would draw various shapes and ideas of tanks and their features until it finally all came together in 2009 with a design that would not only allow me us to keep and display the common Jellies but also those with other special needs which we wont go into here but suffice to say with the help of Ben Harper from Medow Pty Ltd and his skills in Autocad and MANY late nights adding and changing drawings, we finally came up with a tank design that is ready to be cut out on his personally designed state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) kit hobby mill, (milling machine, which you can see at  ), that we are soon to  produce right here,  the final prototypes ready for manufacturing in numbers in about June 2015.

I can't thank Ben enough for the work he put in helping me get this project to this level so far,

Also thanks to Rick Nelson for his time in building the oiginal Shapeoko2+ from which was based on the Shapeoko2 mill but with many extra features in strength, cooling, speed, accuracy, that made this new tank design possible and come to life. Further building the 3DTek's new, stronger mill to enable production runs of this great new product.

Stay tuned for further developments when this tank hits the stores.   

 Similar tank we recently installed at the Panda Bar in the Hotel Coronation Park Street Sydney


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