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Marine Boutique is a new Aquarium that was financed by Hi-Speed Networking then fit out and opened in September 2007 by Rod Duckworth and Ben Tracey (formerly of Hi-Tek Aquariums Brookvale) at Killarney Heights on the upper north shore of Sydney, Australia.

The concept of the business was to set up a specialised Boutique Aquarium for customised installations catering for the very serious hobbyist and professional or top-end of the market, stocking the biggest names in the industry with the best technical advice and at the same time bringing the superior beauty of a marine tank into easy reach of the average householder.

Whilst the Aquarium is mainly Saltwater Marine, we also, due to local demand, keep a small range of tropical fish and goldfish including a wide variety of food and accessories for fresh and saltwater. We specialise in hard-to-find Reef Fish, Corals and custom built tanks, with an emphasis on the latest hi-tek equipment.

Our mission is to provide not just the common breeds of fish and corals, but some of the unusual and hard to find, that will keep you interested and in awe of your tank for years. We find nearly everyone that is new to this industry and perhaps uninformed will expect they can buy a tank and fish, take them home and have it up and running immediately like hanging a picture on a wall, without understanding the cycling processes involved that is so important to the survival of the tank.

As is not normally recommended nor often possible yet desired by most customers, in response we have devised a specialised technique that allows us to provide an off-the-shelf, ready-to-go Aquarium, with fish and corals etc, without the 6 week cycle wait normally experienced in a new tank setup.

We have many testimonials of successful installations from many happy customers and we would be pleased to walk you through the steps of setting up your Aquarium from all aspects such as cost, size, location, lighting, feeding, care and maintenance.

The shop itself is simply stunning in layout and variety, and is carpeted to give a warm homely feel as you would find in your own home, unlike other aquaria. The shop is warm and pristine throughout, clean and without the saltwater and fishy smells that the typical aquarium store often suffers from. Our passion is to excite our customers as to how easy it is to keep a beautiful marine tank with its vibrant colour and depth using the correct equipment. We wish to impress our customers giving them something extra and different from any other aquarium store around.

We stock the very best brands on the market such as Reef Octopus, Aqua-Medic, Eheim, Red Sea, Seachem, API and Aqua-one.

Please drop by for a look and check out our range and speak with Warrick, Dimitri, Ally, Geoff or Rod from the MB Team.




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