Jellyfish Tanks

Marine Boutique

is the Sole Australian Importer and Distributor of

the Jellyfish Art range of tanks.

All tanks we import have been converted to the Australian 240V 50Hz power supply and hence we not only carry the Australian warranty for these units. 

 34 Litres

Cylindrical Desktop


 22 Litres

Kickstarter Desktop

JellyfishArt Tank


 20 Litre

Orbit Jellyfish


 Other Jellyfish Tanks



10 Litre

Cylindrical Tank


60 or 45 or 30 Litres

Curved CornersTanks


8.5 Litre

Cube Tank



80, 220 and 650 Litre


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 Coming soon!

We have also rewritten the handbook for our Australian customers, which now contains extra and important information for your benefit in setting up the tank and the keeping of Jellyfish in Australia.


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